Civil and Structural Design Services

Civil and Structural Design Services

1. Underground pits, Pools and Large Storage Tanks

2. Trenches, Pavement

3. Concrete pavement & pads

4. Retaining walls & Dykes

5. Vertical and Horizontal Vessels and Equipments supports

6. Rotating machineries Support Structures and foundations

7. Stacks, Towers and Masts

8. Concrete and Steel Buildings (Including Prefabricated type)

9. Bridges and Culverts

10. Anchor Blocks, Sleepers, Pipe supports, Platforms, Crossovers

11. Shelters

12. Piperacks and Technological Structure (Stick built & Transportable Modular)

Non-Structural Designs

1. Geotechnical Design

  • a. Embankment
  • b. Dykes,
  • c. Slope protection
  • d. Pile Capacity
  • e. Shallow isolated and mat foundation bearing capacity
  • f. Long term and Short term settlement
  • g. Soil Improvement

2. Grading

3. Site Drainage System

  • a. Storm Water
  • b. Oily water
  • c. Catch basins

4. Roads

5. Fences and Gates

riser platform
Riser platform
shelter foundation
Shelter Foundation
Diesel Storage Tank foundations
Diesel Storage Tank foundations
Piperack Foundations
Piperack Foundations
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